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Zoom Adopt a Friendly Spook

Adopt a Friendly Spook


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Our crocheted bats are more adorable than eerie, making them perfect companions for Halloween. Hang them from ceilings, doorways, or even use them as playful accessories for your costume party. With their playful expressions and soft texture, they're ready to haunt your home with a touch of fun and whimsy.

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  • Handmade in United States


 Adopt a Friend Fundraiser 

The Adopt a Friend Fundraiser is a heartwarming initiative where each purchase of our adorable crocheted buddies goes directly towards covering the medical bills from our owner's serious accident in 2023. By adopting one of these handmade friends, you're not only getting a cute companion but also offering crucial support to a family in need. Your contribution makes a real difference, turning compassion into action and helping someone rebuild their life.

Adopt a Friendly Spook


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